Sitting on top of Cornwall…..

After a wet night and cloudy start to the day – things gradually improved and so we set out as planned to visit Bodmin Moor and walk up Brown Willy which at 1378 feet is the highest point in Cornwall.

Unfortunately Poppydog had to remain on a lead (this time I did see the signs!) as there are cows, sheep and horses roaming freely on the Moor. Poppydog will give horses and cows a wide berth but given half the chance, I am sure would happily chase sheep- I think it is the fact that they run which excites her – either which way not going to happen!

To get to Brown Willy, we had to walk over Rough Tor first. The ground is very wet but not too slippery, thankfully.

On the way up Rough Tor we took a detour to take a closer look at Showery Tor – how fantastic is nature at creating these natural works of art?

From Rough Tor, Brown Willy was clearly in sight and doesn’t look too bad!

Indeed it wasn’t and with a stiff wind blowing us up, we were soon sitting on top of Cornwall (on the lee side out of the wind) in the sunshine.

The views all around were quite amazing.

As we came out of the shelter, to make our descent, that cold wind took your breath away and it hammered us all the way down, back up Rough Tor and down the other side again (we’ll have pink cheeks tonight!).

Once back at the bottom we tried to take a closer look at the Charlotte Dymond memorial which marks the site of her murder back in 1844, but couldn’t get close on account of the ground being totally waterlogged and I didn’t want Poppydog to get even more lagged! Needless to say we didn’t see her ghost, which apparently roams these moors either!

Two thoughts of the day:

It was very cold out on the Moor today, with small patches of frozen hail still lying about.

How lovely to come back to our warm little home on wheels!


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