Well the heavens wept all day…….

What can I say, our last full day in Cornwall for a while and it has rained all day! For a time this afternoon it reduced to a mizzle so we took a quick last trip to Bude beach.

There were a few other hardy souls out and about (all with dogs!) and clearly a few families determined to enjoy their half term break, but luckily, not enough to hamper our game of fetch. I think we are getting better at it as Poppydog is slowly working out that I won’t throw the ball until she has dropped the one she has in her mouth!

There were even a few surfers in the sea, but even to my inexperienced eyes the surf looked way too messy. We enjoyed our runaround and retired wet but happy.

Two thoughts of the day:

The benchmark for quality beaches has already been set rather high – let’s see.

I’m glad we did Bodmin yesterday, as today we wouldn’t have been able to see a thing!


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